Hypnotizing Gardenias

Scent of June.

Hypnotizing Gardenias. Pure snow-white  beauty on a lush green alcove, your fragrance is hypnotizing. Could we imagine a second that you are related to the coffee tree?

Gardenias bloom in June in East Asia and their amazing scent announces the hot and humid summer. They have been cultivated in China for more than a thousand years before to be introduced in Europe, and in the US by the American botanist Mr. Garden who gave them his name. The Hawaiian use them in their colorful and fragrant garlands called “lei”.

Despite the powerful smell of the flower, gardenia oil can’t be distilled or be chemically extracted to this day. Modern perfumes with gardenia notes combine other oils to blend into an analogue scent. I personally love to have some freshly cut flowers in my bathroom, for a wonderful and relaxing evening bath. What an inspiring moment of grace and peace!

Gardenias in Shanghai garden
Gardenias from my garden in Shanghai

My favorite gardenia fragrances are “Gardenia Passion” from Anick Goutal, and “Vintage Gardenia” from Jo Malone. I am very interested to hear from my ladies’ readers, some comments about their favorite gardenia perfumes. Kindly drop me a comment.

I wish you all a great summer!







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