Aphrodisiac patchouli

Aphrodisiac patchouli. Your sensual and exotic fragrance reminds of the glorious 60’s: the hippies, pacifism and the sexual liberation. Gurus and philosophers of that time shared their inspiring thoughts, veiled by the smoke of patchouli incense sticks.

It is somehow hard to imagine that such a warm and woody smell comes from such a green relative of the mint. Patchouli grows in many Asian tropical countries and is probably originated from India where it took his name from. The distillation of the leaves, either freshly picked or carefully fermented gives a wide range of nuances, to the delight of perfumers. Patchouli leaves were once used to preserve the valuable silk clothes of the Western colonialists in return of their Asian ventures. Today, patchouli is essentially grown for its oil, used as a  base and heart note in perfumery, in incense sticks and cosmetics.

Two small eye dropper bottles with herbal extract essential oils and large jar with dried herbs and patchouli sprig.. Oils are patchouli and rosemary.On white surface with black background.
Two small eye dropper bottles with old, dark and thick, patchouli essential oil.

I personally love patchouli and use it in my cold processed soaps, as a powerful and long-lasting base note, and also in my home-made perfume creations. For the lovers of this sensual fragrance, I would like to recommend a first step in perfumery-making, with the following ingredients for a 10 mL aerosol spray:

  • 8 mL of pure vodka, min 40% but higher the best.
  • 1 mL of essential oil of old fermented patchouli.
  • Few drops of essential oil of sandal wood and neroli as heart notes.
  • Few drops of lavender oil as a top note.

My favorite patchouli-based perfumes are:  “Patchouli” from the master Lorenzo Villoresi of Florence, “Patchouli Absolu” from Tom Ford, and the one of countless new high-end collections such as the Zegna Javanese Patchouli, or Dior with its “Patchouli Imperial”. Joe Malone is doing well also with its “Amber & Patchouli”.

Ah my friends, let me end up with nostalgic thoughts of the late 60’s…

Peace & Love to you !


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