Sacred Hinoki

Sacred Hinoki. In the deep forests of Honshu, you are the majestic ambassador of the sacred spirit of Japan. In Kyoto, at the imperial Court, thousand of years ago, you were already embalming the palaces, built of your dense timber. The most respected shrine of the nation in Ise, near Nara, is made of hinoki, called there the “divine tree”.

Ise Shrine. One of the most ancient and sacred sites in Japan.

Hinoki is a Japanese conifer of the cypress family, which can grow very large and old. It radiates a very fine and unique woody and citrus-like smell, especially in a humid environment. Japanese hot springs (onsen) tubs made of hinoki are very prized and exclusive. They are part of my unforgettable experience in this amazing country. More affordable are all sort of bath accessories and craftwork made of this precious wood and available even in supermarkets there.

Hinoki essential oil is rather pricey but worth the use in diffusers or oil burners. A few drops, and the magic essence already brings you to another dimension of serenity and plenitude. It is an invitation to meditate or just truly relax.

in perfumery, Hinoki can be found in the background of a few classics like the now discontinued Azzaro Club Men, and otherwise as main notes in dedicated colognes. Comme-des-Garcons, the innovative fashion house, is also a pioneer in new and unconventional perfumery. I invite you to discover their creations. “Hinoki” or “Zagorsk”  from CdG will bring you the sacred wood at its best.

Yoroshiku, o-negaishimasu!


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