Inside the profumeria "RomaStore Profumi", Via della Lungaretta - one of the best in Rome.

Profumeria Italiana

Italy.   A dream place for gastronomy and also for the seekers of rare and niche perfumes. The Peninsula is apparently, we were told, the biggest consumer of  fine perfumery in the world, and surely the land of many masters of the Eighth Art. This is where our family decided to spend the summer holidays this year. Florence – Rome – Venice, what a trip!

Besides the unavoidable and wonderful (but crowded) tourist spots, my son and I went hunting for our favorite games:  the profumerias (perfume shop in italian language). We have been absolutely amazed by the number of such stores in Firenze and Rome, and also by the abundance of niche and high-end fragrances they display. I would be surprised that any other country in the world can rival in selling such a concentration of olfactory jewels in street boutiques.

Yesterday, we discovered the relatively new local fragrance house ARTE PROFUMI and could not resist in visiting today their second shop in a more exclusive district of Rome, via del Leone. Very nice perfume line indeed, with some outstanding creations such as FUMOIR, a very dark, smokey and resinous elixir, kind of a hybrid between Amouage Interlude Man and Amouage Epic Man. TRIBAL is another great offering, a very long lasting and refined “fougère”. My wife indulged in ARTISSIMA, a sunny floral blend with nice notes of jasmine and neroli. We immortalized this nice moment with a picture, in front of their impressive collection. Buonissimo!

Mon son Remy on the right, and I, at ARTE PROFUMI in Rome.

My next post will talk about the other fragrant discoveries we made during our trip. It would be too long to list them up here today, as each of them has a story to tell, a sensual landscape to reveal.

Italy is really a fantastic place for perfume lovers. This, coupled with exquisite food and wines, over two thousand years of history, makes it a top destination in Europe which I can only recommend.

Ci vediamo la prossima settimana!*

(*see you next week)



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