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Our family summer holidays is ending up today, and we are really thankful to have spent two exceptional weeks in Italy. Besides the wonderful tourist spots which we truly enjoyed, despite the crowd and heat, we also spent enough time searching for the best perfumery shops (profumeria) in Florence, Rome and Venice. We have not been disappointed!

My previous post reported on the discovery of ARTE PROFUMI in Rome, and described the Italian profumeria as a treasure cove for the lover of olfactory and visual sensations, like all of us. The focus of this post will mostly be on Italian niche fragrances, but because of the sheer number of perfumeries we’ve visited, each of which carried rare fragrances from around the globe,  I will include also some outstanding finds that happened to be from non-Italian houses. Most of these picks are considered as unisex, for everyone’s enjoyment.


L’Air du Desert Marocain and Incense Extreme – from the Swiss artisan designer Andy Tauer (Tauer Perfumes) – are simply magic and in very high concentration. Tauer is a rare brand to find in perfumery shops, but amazingly present in Italy. We had the great joy to test most of this superb exclusive line.

Patchouli from Lorenzo Villoresi of Florence is one of the very best dedication to this note. Fumidus, from Profumum Roma – a boutique fragrance house of Rome – is also a nice oriental woody creation. Sushi Imperiale from BOIS 1920 of Florence, is a very inspired fresh oriental fragrance which we can recommend to ladies and gentlemen.


China White of Nasomatto – a gifted Italian designer based in Holland – has a magic appeal with apparently some hidden note of heroin. Maisia, from the surprising new line of  Gabriella Chieffo, is a subtle floral-fruity and woody combination. Ragu from the same house is a pure marvel in my opinion. Dom Rosa – from the unique french line of Liquides Imaginaires – is combining the note of rose with the one of champagne in a brilliant manner. Last but not least, the most amazing and controversial of this summer trip:  Carillon pour un Ange from Tauer Perfumes. This floral green, with a hyper-powerful note of lilac and lily-of-the-valley is for me the ultimate floral fragrance for men, thanks to its marvelous woody base notes. A must try for anyone of you my friends.


Lonestar Memories from Tauer Perfumes, a rich and complex woody chypre, was the favorite of my son who brought it home. Absinth from Nasomatto, a woody aromatic, is surely worth a try. Dalmatian Sage from The Merchant of Venice, Dolce di Giorno  and Oro 1920 from BOIS 1920 are three other remarkable woody aromatic creations.

The Merchant of Venice integral line, at thebeautiful Farmacia Ponci & Fosca in Cannaregio of Venice.


Even if personally not my best-known family of perfumes, I can still highly recommend Hindu Grass from Nasomatto, the excellent Yerba Mate from Lorenzo Villoresi,  Acqua di Sale from Profumum Roma with a unique marine aromatic note. Asian Inspiration, an aromatic green, and Venetian Blue, somehow reminiscent of Creed’s Aventus, are both nice creations of The Merchant of Venice.


Finally, for the most daring of you, give a try to Fumoir from ARTE PROFUMI, a very deep and smoky leather, and Peau de Bete from Liquide Imaginaires, which is maybe the most animalic fragrance I have ever tried so far. You will need a very forgiving partner for wearing such polarized jewels, but love can do miracles.

Thank you for reading this long article until the end, I hope it can inspire you to visit Italy for all its treasures, visual, gustatory and olfactory as well, and perhaps come back home with some fragrant and sensual presents for you and your loved ones.

Grazie Mille, e si vede la prossima settimana!


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