The month of Pitti

Fall is at our door in the Northern Hemisphere. Days already became shorter and mornings cooler. Schools suddenly arouse from their estival torpor, farmer’s markets abound with freshly harvested bounties, forests are sprinkled with warmer hues, new fragrances fill the air.

For the professionals of perfumery as well as the lovers of this art and industry, like you and me, the biggest fair of the year is opening next week: the Pitti Fragranze fair in Florence, Italy. This is the ultimate event of the year where new creations will be unveiled and networking with the creators and finest noses of this world is possible. Do not miss it! I will be there, flying from Shanghai for this only purpose, and look forward reporting to you in the following weeks about my discoveries and the exciting encounters I made.


Besides, I also would like to launch a series of posts that introduces the different families of fragrances, in order to help you gain clarity on what fits you and your loved ones, and how to choose among so many fragrances.

The fragrance wheel proposed in 1983 by Michael Edwards, a famous expert in the fragrance industry, is perhaps one the most relevant fragrance grouping method. Edwards distinguished fragrances into 4 main groups:  Floral, Oriental, Woody and Fresh. Each group is then divided into sub-groups with distinct characteristics but some slightly common ones with their neighbors in the wheel. I will follow this classification in our further posts and describe which notes dominate in each family and what fragrances one can find in each category. We will have a great Fall time together!

I wish you all a very nice autumnal time and hope to seeing you visiting my blog next week for some breaking news from the Pitti fair.

See you next week!


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