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This is our second edition of “Fragrant Inspirations” aimed at revealing outstanding perfumers and their houses and get inspired by their creator. This week, the Italian house of BOIS 1920.

BOIS 1920 was founded by one of the Italian pioneers of modern perfumery, Guido Galardi. Guido started by collecting lavender on the hills around Florence to test and prepare his first fragrant recipe. The name BOIS 1920 recall the year of the creation of the company and the four letters are an acronym for BOttega Italiana Spigo, meaning “Italian Lavender Outlet”.

Guido was perhaps too early in time for his project, and after five years had to abandon his fragrant ambitions. Like often in family history, the passion for perfumery jumped one generation and stroke Guido’s grandson Enzo Galardi who revived the house of BOIS 1920 in 2005, after 20 years of perfumery study and creation for other brands.

Enzo Galardi, the nose and creator of BOIS 1920, in his laboratory in Florence. The fragrance shown is Verde di Mare, a superb aromatic aquatic launched in 2014.

Enzo first reinterpreted the creations of his grandfather and soon completed his collection by an impressive range of refined fragrances. A strong emphasis in the quality of raw materials and the longevity of the fragrances characterize BOIS 1920. The packaging of BOIS 1920 fragrances shows also Enzo’s care for quality and tradition. The bottles are crafted by an Italian master glass blower, the top crafted in a colored wood with a finely engraved logo and the boxes decorated with a very classy design.

BOIS 1920 today proposes more than 30 unique high-end fragrances
BOIS 1920 today proposes more than 30 unique high-end fragrances

I had the chance to meet Enzo at the Pitti fair in September and contact him again for a short interview that follows:

[Laurent] Dear Enzo, first of all, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions for Scent & Flavor. We have seen in the last 10 years a literal explosion of art fragrance houses, competing with BOIS1920 in the high-end segment. What makes you special and what are your target customers?

Come il Sole – A complex unisex Oriental-Floral, with delicious notes of cherries

[Enzo] Thanks for your interest in BOIS 1920 and greetings to all readers. Our fragrances represent the excellence of the category. We duly pay attention to the ingredients we use (the great part of them have natural bases) as well as tops, bottles, packages, catalogs and so on..all these aspects make the difference. And you do not need to be an expert in the field in order to identify the quality.

I have seen your beautiful creations in many perfumery shops in Italy, but more rarely outside your country. How much of your sales are for the international markets and what is your ambition to increase this share?

Yes, for what concerns the Italian market, you are right but we currently are in many countries all around the world too. Toughest markets are South America and Asia, generally talking but we hope to spread our market there too in the future.

We have seen some examples of very large cosmetic companies now looking to acquire niche perfume houses, as this high-end market segment is now growing faster than the traditional one. Would you consider this as a good chance for BOIS1920 to be propelled to a much wider customer base?

Dolce di Giorno - A Woody Aromatic sweetened by plums and gaiac.
Dolce di Giorno – A Woody Aromatic sweetened by plums and gaiac.

Well, it depends..niche is a particular field which needs attention, dedication, passion..therefore it is fundamentally important to check where our products are going to be sold. Basically this answer is connected to the first one. Bois 1920 ingredients make the difference. Perfumes aficionados know what I mean.

What is the fragrance accord you are dreaming to make one day but could not yet achieve?

Good question. I am dreamer and I rely on extemporaneous feelings. Let me say it depends on my daily inspiration. Does it sound good?

What is your approach in the use of aroma chemicals not found originally in the nature, such as ISO E Super. Are you open to such new ingredients in your creation or do you prefer to use more natural essences?

Bois 1920 – Oro. A precious sweet and woody-oudy leather for your winter nights.

In some cases, it is normal not to use natural materials. However, apart from this aspect, I really want to pursue the idea of using natural ingredients as much as I can. Naturalness always rewards you..naturalness gives you a full gratification, a sense of satisfaction…very hard to compare..

Can you explain the concept behind the launch of your new Youth Collection. What do you expect from this strategic move?

The new BOIS 1920 Youth Collection launched at Pitti 2016
The new BOIS 1920 Youth Collection launched at Pitti 2016. Magia with citrus and animalic notes, Ancora Amore with powdery notes of orris root, Virtù with citrus and spices and subtle wisps of incense and patchouli, and Rosa 23 a floral-gourmand fragrance with a superb rose note.

Our Youth Collection has been created for extending the market thanks to the lower price, which does not mean a quality reduction. Youth Collection is still part of Bois 1920 family, but it will follow its own route. Thanks to this line, I would like to refer to those well-being people who feel full of power and youthfulness inside. The four initial references are so particular, descriptive..let me to say, they enrich the enlightenment of a everyone. This is why I am sure perfumes aficionados will enjoy them!

Thank you very much for answering my questions and good luck already for 2017. I am already excited to discover your new creations in Milano or Florence next year.

BOIS 1920 fragrances are classified in 9 categories:

  • Traditional
  • Classic
  • Orientals
  • The Precious
  • The Virtuous
  • Limited Edition
  • Limited Art Collection
  • New Fragrances, which this year are found in the Youth Collection.

As you can see, BOIS 1920 is a house of tradition, in the pure Italian spirit of quality and refinement. If you find their fragrance in your favorite perfumery shop or have the chance to visit Italy and its wonderful profumerias, do not miss the chance to try BOIS1920, you will probably leave the shop with one of these sumptuous bottles. I did bought mine, Come La Luna and place it in the top five of my collection.

 Have a great week my friends, and see you next weekend!


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