Fragranze 2017

After our great summer holidays, an even happier time has come for the fragrance lovers like us: the 15th Fragranze show, also known as the Pitti Show, edition 2017, as always in the historical city of Florence in Italy. The magic event will take place this year from 8th to 10th of September, reserve your weekend if you can!  I will be there for sure, and I look forward to reporting to you on my findings in the following weeks.

The Pitti Fragranze show is hosted in a renovated abandoned train station of Florence called Stazione Leopolda, adding some character to the venue.

So, what can we expect at the Pitti this year?

As usual, most niche fragrance houses will be exhibiting their latest creations among their complete lines of products. Two hundred and nineteen brands have signed for the show, including some tenors of the art such as CREED and FLORIS, but also lots of smaller houses making divine juices and fragrant products.

Lots of great people and lots of perfume houses to make all your senses overwhelmed for three days.

One surprise for me, no L’Etat Libre D’Orange this year, but as we find them now at SEPHORA, they might have changed their status from niche to consumer products? I still love them anyway of course.

I am particularly excited to visit the booths of 4160 Tuesdays from London which I tested for the first time today in New York. Ateliers des Ors, my friends from Arte Profumi of Rome, the interesting CARNER from Barcelona, my long favorite of D.S. & Durga from NY, Gabriella Chieffo, the excellent house of HEELEY, Huitieme Art, J.F. Schwarzlose from Berlin, the impressive JOVOY and their related lines, my compatriot Andy Tauer, and so many more will all be there to totally saturate your nose with their divine juices and make you dream of a higher income to afford them all.

At Pitti, you can test all fragrances you want, without any pressure on purchasing, as you can anyway not buy them on the spot. This event is made to discover the houses and their owners and tests their creations, and for distributors from all over the world to negotiate contracts with them.

Will CREED launch their controversial VIKING at Pitti? Maybe. I had the chance to test it on a ceramic tile in San Francisco last week and found it excellent, at the intensity level of an Aventus. Let’s see if we can test it there in real, at Pitti.

One section of the old train station of Station Leopolda, where the event is hosted, will be reserved for the young fragrance brands debuting on the International scene. You will see that some of them are very promising, in the Spring hall.

A fascinating presentation from the French aroma chemical company Mane about Patchouli, at Pitti 2016.

But the Pitti is even more than that! In parallel to the event will run some captivating conferences given by the most-renown professionals of this industry. This year will feature one conference on exotic spices, with the opportunity to test some raw material oils and molecules, one session focused on ethics and sustainability of this industry. One movie about the history of a family of perfumers, the Krull, will also be projected in the hall. Some events will also take place outside the Station Leopolda, and I can recommend the discovery of the Cult of Incense at the church of Basilica di San Miniato al Monte.

Fragrance was democratized first in hair salons and barber shops, and this tradition remains solid at Pitti, with some live demos on the spot.

This exciting time will make us thirsty and the cocktail party organized for the professionals on Friday evening will be very welcomed. For the rest, Florence is one of the very best city in Italy for its fascinating history at the center of the European Renaissance, its culinary wonders (try the Florentine Beef Steak if you are hungry, or the Pici al Ragu for the amateurs of great pasta), and its magnificent Tuscan wines (try Tignanello if you can afford).

One of the most prestigious dishes in Florence, the “Bisteca Fiorentina” or Florentin Steak. Even bigger and juicier than an American T-Bone Steak.

Oh, my friends! I can’t wait for this time where all my senses will be completely overwhelmed by pleasure and joy, and on the top of it, this year, I can share it with my wife and daughter so that I will be the happiest of the men in Florence on that weekend.

If you can’t join the event this year, I hope you will come back to Scent & Flavor after the show, to read my articles about the Pitti and feel the magic of that time.

Ciao e Salute, mi amici. Ci vediamo a Firenze !
(Good Bye and Cheers, my friends. See you in Florence)

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