About me

Laurent Castella

Born and grown up in a Swiss barbershop, the vapors of tonics and lotions trained my nose and love for perfumes and fragrances.

The smell of a summer rain on a warm street, the sap of fir trees in the deep forest, the bouquet of wild flowers in the high meadows, the smokey atmosphere of an alpine chalet, all stay in my mind as many sensual landscapes of my childhood.

I spent the later half of my life in Asia, between the subtle smoke of the incense of Zen temples in Japan, the spices and condiments streets of Taiwan, and the dusty roads of China. My job brought me often to the bustling markets of South East Asia, as powerful for the eyes than for the nostrils.

The journey continues with this website, created for the lovers of scents and flavors, who like me, particularly enjoy the world with their nose and palate.

Follow me, my friends, the world is wonderful!

Laurent Castella

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