Sacred Hinoki

June 29, 2016 Laurent 0

Sacred Hinoki. In the deep forests of Honshu, you are the majestic ambassador of the sacred spirit of Japan. In Kyoto, at the imperial Court, Read More

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Aphrodisiac patchouli

June 24, 2016 Laurent 0

Aphrodisiac patchouli. Your sensual and exotic fragrance reminds of the glorious 60’s: the hippies, pacifism and the sexual liberation. Gurus and philosophers of that time Read More

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Green Shiso

June 19, 2016 Laurent 0

Green Shiso. You are the faithful companion and shroud of the fish in the sashimi dish. Your elegant  herbaceous savor complements so well the delicate flavor of Read More

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Hypnotizing Gardenias

June 12, 2016 Laurent 0

Scent of June. Hypnotizing Gardenias. Pure snow-white  beauty on a lush green alcove, your fragrance is hypnotizing. Could we imagine a second that you are Read More

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Soothing Lavender

June 7, 2016 Laurent 0

Soothing Lavender. I still remember the bags of dried lavender buds my mother was using to freshen and perfume our closets, and sometimes put under Read More

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Suave Vetiver

June 5, 2016 Laurent 0

Suave Vetiver. Native of India and distant cousin of lemon grass, vetiver is the essence of masculinity in fragrances. 80% of the world production today Read More

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