Osmanthus in Yokohama

Osmanthus Fragrans

October 2, 2016 Laurent 0

Osmanthus Fragrans. An ancient Chinese legend sees you as a giant tree growing on the Moon, shading the light of the celestial body. Wu Gang, in Read More

Sweet Coumarin

August 14, 2016 Laurent 0

Sweet Coumarin. You are for me the unforgettable and addictive smell of the end of Summer in Switzerland, when our farmers mow the green meadows Read More

Sunny Lemon

August 7, 2016 Laurent 0

Sunny Lemon. You are the beautiful hybrid-child of the ancient citron and a bitter orange. Your bright yellow color evokes summer and the southern lands where you prosper. Your fragrance, so Read More

Tuber Magnatum

July 17, 2016 Laurent 0

Tuber Magnatum. What a name for the most refined of all mushrooms?! Truffles, you are the diamonds of South European cuisine, especially French and Italian. Read More

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Green Shiso

June 19, 2016 Laurent 0

Green Shiso. You are the faithful companion and shroud of the fish in the sashimi dish. Your elegant  herbaceous savor complements so well the delicate flavor of Read More

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Soothing Lavender

June 7, 2016 Laurent 0

Soothing Lavender. I still remember the bags of dried lavender buds my mother was using to freshen and perfume our closets, and sometimes put under Read More


June 3, 2016 Laurent 0

Sweet and salty, sour and bitter, are the four well-known tastes recognized by humans. The first two are associated with pleasurable sensations when the latter are Read More

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